Before you look around let me ask you a question if I may?

Do you need your dance floor packed with happy, satisfied and grateful people, who at the end of the night come up and thank you personally for staging such brilliant entertainment?

If so then read on – Your about to meet a music sensation.

One warning though – You may have to extend your licence for the night… the crowds really do love him that much.

If you like your soul original, wholesome and authentic like Marvin Gaye, Otis Reading, James Brown, Al Green and Sam Cooke etc. then this extraordinary man is the real deal.

Once you have met Woodrow Wilson Soul Sensation Extraordinaire face to face, and heard his voice live, you’ll never forget him for all the right reasons….GUARANTEED

Linlithgow Rose club: Linlithgow

Sat The 25 Of Feb 2012: woodrow wilson soul tribute show comes to Linlithgow Rose Football Club, Linlithgow contact club for details Share this:FacebookTwitterGoogleReddit<a rel="nofollow" data-shared="sharing-pinterest-358"...